Velocidrone Simulator

The team at Makeitbuildit have been working with Velocidrone to not only include our frames in the FPV simulator, but also to help with the flight dynamic and tracks

We want this to be the most realistic sim possible to fly, whilst still not requiring super high spec pc/mac to play it on

Perfect to learn to fly with, or progress from self level into acro without having lots of premature landings, fantastic for practice in bad weather or just having a lot of fun with friends online

Velocidrone now has the Betaflight 3 controller built in, so you can tune PID settings and the sim uses the Betaflight control loops to provide greater accuracy on modelling of how most quads fly

Its a fixed fee to buy it (less than £20), with version updates as part of the package, no monthly fee for usage or online multiplayer racing.

One of the things that sets Velocidrone aside from other FPV sims for me, is how you can build you own scenery and tracks and then race multiplayer online !

For track editing and creation, there are  a whole set of tutorials on velocidrone's youtube channel.  It is simple to use and very very powerful.

If your interested in purchasing, click here