Taking Rotor Evolution back to its roots. as our first frame designs were X frames many years ago

The natural evolution to the RE X1 - 5 frame is to reduce the center section to is minimum, with the aim to minimise the amount of frame that is presented to the air, reducing friction and making the frame fly faster

also to move the camera to the centre so when racing through gates, its easier to line the centre of the camera up with the centre of the gate, and not clip the top of the gate with the back of the quad.

This has been in development and testing for months now, the prototypes had 3mm arms and flew very well, although an arm was not broken in testing, I've taken a lead from the X1 - 5 frame and any breakages there.  As a result of this the redesigned arm for the X1 - 5 has been deployed in the X1 - POD frame

As per the X1 - 5, In our strive to bring you the best frame, there are a few design improvements this X frame.  We have designed it so the Flight Controller mounts do are separate from the arm mounts, in an aid to reduce vibration sent to the FC, and also make arm or FC changes easier.  Stress relief has been taken into account where carbon plates meet to spread the load over curved edges and ensure there is not an easy break line

There is also an optional plate to mount the flight controller at 45 degrees so you can then soft mount it without reducing the structural integrity of the POD frame


X frame configuration

4mm thick Replaceable arms (200mm for 5 inch props)

Separate flight controller mounts to arm mounts (vibration reduction)

Strong yet light, great quality carbon

Revised motor mount for extra strength

VTX lock with crush washer, to stop your vtx twisting when mounted

Frame layout is show with the optional 45 degree flight controller mounting plate

Prototype X1 - POD 200 with 3mm arms shown in additional images to illustrate prop spacing


  • 1.5mm base plate
  • Upgraded to 4mm arms
  • 1.5mm sub plate
  • 1.5mm top plate
  • 35mm alloy standoffs
  • Stainless Steel screw set
  • 200mm motor to motor centre
  • weight :g

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Rotor Evolution X1 - POD 200

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